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TheHairStyler.com's team of writers deliver you a steady stream of celebrity trends. We cover everything from their hair colors, styling triumphs, what's hot and what's not and what not to do when using celebrity hair as your inspiration for a new look!

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Celebrity Hairstyle Steal: Short Hair

If your short hairstyle could do with a s... Read more...

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Celebrity Hairstyle Steal: Hair Color

If you're looking for some new

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Retro Hair

What's Hot...
Dita Von T...
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Celebrity Haircuts They'll Regret

Short alternative hairstyles

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Celebrity "Tools" and Their Hairstyles

An Australian website the other day was talking about celebrity "tools." A "tool," apparently, is Aussie slang for an annoyi... Read more...

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Shocking Celebrity Hairstyles

I was flicking through a magazine the other day and came across a picture of Read more...

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Your Ultimate Celebrity Hairstyles?

Sometimes I like to imagine I’m a celebrity. When I’m bored—maybe on the bus or while I’m waiting for my dinner to finis... Read more...

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Lily Allen: Bad Hair of the Year?

In the hairstyling and fashion world celebrities are a big source of inspiration and debate. Today it's Lily Allen's turn to be in the spotlight... Read more...

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Celebrity Sex Scandal Hairstyles

Keeley Hazell hairstyles

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Grow Up Paris & Lose Your Headband, Not

Paris Hilton hairstyles

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Celebrity Swimsuit Hairstyles

Recently I just couldn’t help studying, closely, a blog post about the latest swimsuit trends from the catwalk; and in an attempt to put t... Read more...

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