Sometimes I like to imagine I’m a celebrity. When I’m bored—maybe on the bus or while I’m waiting for my dinner to finish in the microwave—I think about how cool it would be to be a celebrity. I daydream about going to all those cool restaurants they’re always pictured at in LA, about having so many paparazzi friends, about everyone liking me, and most of all, about having cool hair.

When I daydream about being a celebrity, sometimes I’m a man or woman. And when I’m a man, or sometimes a woman, these are the celebrity hairstyles I imagine I’d have. These are my ultimate celebrity hairstyles.

David Beckham

David Beckham hairstylesI love David Beckham’s hair in this image because the color job creates such cool texture. But I have a suspicion that this hairstyle is a "photo only" hairstyle; in other words it wouldn’t look half as good in real life as it does here.


Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari hairstylesI love Mena’s crop because, in the context of Hollywood celebrity and the public’s expectations, it’s a courageous hairstyle. Clippers were used on the back and sides and the top was left just a little longer.


Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle hairstylesI love Camilla’s sleek straight bangs tickling her eyes. But maybe it’s just Camilla that I love. Anyhow, her hair’s length has been blunt-cut without any layering to create a straight and slick finish right to the edges.


Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet hairstylesI love Lisa Bonet’s sexy big curls because my own hair is so fine and The Cosby Show was so cool when I was a kid. Her length was left at shoulder level and round layers were cut to give her curls body and bounce.


If you could have any celebrity hairstyles, which ones would you have? What are your ultimate celebrity hairstyles? Add your top 5 suggestions below. Something else you might like to do is browse our hairstyles page and then try a few hairstyles on using our Virtual Hairstyler.