I was flicking through a magazine the other day and came across a picture of Drew Barrymore with a hairstyle so tragic I thought surely she hadn’t look in the mirror before she left the house.

Here was a top Hollywood star out in full view of the public and paparazzi wearing her hair like this:

Drew Barrymore hairstyles

The frizz, the roots, the horrible black ends and the total lack of style just isn’t befitting of a global superstar.

And Drew's not the only celebrity that’s been caught out with bad hair.

In the past, Christina Aguilera once rocked up to the MTV Awards looking like this:

Christina Aguilera hairstyles

Now it might also be the over-the-top make up that’s hurting her look here, but the crazy curls and pink highlights aren’t helping either.

It’s not just mishaps with hair color that have some celebrities on the shocking list, though.

Fergie, the fergalicious front woman of the Black Eyed Peas, turned up to a recent event with her hair like this:

Fergie hairstyles

This poorly put together half up style and severe lack of make up just screams “Can’t be bothered”.

Another celebrity guilty of failing in the hair department at a big event is Kristen Stewart with this shocking hairstyle:

Kristen Stewart hairstyles

She managed to get the outfit and make up together to put on a decent showing at the MTV Awards but then didn’t bother to do anything with her hair!

You’d think with all their money these celebrities would hire someone to a least look at them before they go anywhere! When you’re that recognizable, the ridicule and damage to your image just wouldn’t be worth it!

Do you agree with these shocking celebrity hairstyles? Or have you seen any that we missed? Let us know who you think needs to get a professional hairstylist on their staff ASAP by leaving a comment below.