Rihanna is known for her bold hair colors, super-edgy clothes (or lack of) and equally eye-catching makeup to match. Here, we see a more relaxed Rihanna in refreshingly simple hair and makeup. Let’s see how she made herself under for this effortlessly cool look.

The Hair:
Rihanna hairstylesSleek, glossy and raven black, Rihanna’s hair looks fabulous in its natural state. The long waves suit her oval face nicely and tumble just past her shoulders. But, this is Rihanna of course, so the under layers have been shaved. When she wants to turn into her bad girl alter ego, all she needs to do is flip her hair over and she is ready to raise some hell!

The Makeup:
Rihanna has huge cat eyes and perfectly arched eyebrows that don’t need any enhancement to look good. Here, just a lick of mascara has done the trick. Paired with dewy skin and a matte red lip, this look is oh-so-glam.

The Clothes:
Simple hoop earrings and a halter neck white dress are the cherry on top of this gorgeous look. Nice work Rihanna!

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