German singer-songwriter Lena usually has a classic sense of style about her, but what about that new hair color? Fans either love or loathe this bold look on Lena, who is usually rocking deep brown glossy locks in a more demure fashion. Here, Lena’s hair color graduates from brown-black at the roots all the way down to a light brassy blonde at the ends. Her perfectly-coiffed curls have given way to loose rock-chick waves as well, giving Lena a completely new look. Now, let’s take a closer look at the color.

Lena hairstylesThis color technique has been ultra-trendy for a while now. In fact, many would say this graduated look is well and truly out of fashion, so no points can be given to Lena for being a style innovator. The technique and execution of this trendy look is another issue here. This dramatic black to blonde look is difficult for even the most seasoned colorist to pull off with ease, so it’s no surprise that Lena’s hair looks blotchy and uneven. To pull this color technique off, the colors should vary by a few shades only, not the entire color spectrum. On the positive side, this does give Lena an edgier, rock-chick feel which may help her break into some new markets in the music business. But career aside, what is your verdict on Lena’s hair—do you like it, or absolutely loathe it?

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