Jennifer Coolidge is a very successful comedienne, but let’s face it, she’s best known for her role as the ultimate “Mrs. Robinson” from the American Pie series. They couldn’t have chosen a better lady to act as the eternally young and sexy mother that all the teenage boys lust after, and Jennifer is still looking fit and fabulous.

Jennifer Coolidge hairstylesBlessed with a curvy figure, feline eyes and full lips, it's only natural that Jennifer tops it all off with super sexy hair. If you love her ‘do and want to try it out at home, here’s how:

First of all, you will need to have medium to long hair that has been layered from the cheekbones down, like Coolidge. The key to this style is volume, so after you wash and towel-dry your hair, add a good hair mousse to the roots and blow-dry it with a large round brush. Then, it’s time for the hair rollers. Use extra large rollers to set your hair. Once the curls are set, un-roll them and add volume by backcombing the roots all over, with special attention on the crown of the head. Once you have added your desired level of volume, brush the hair backwards starting from the top of the head to get the mini-beehive effect that Jennifer is rocking. Let the rest of you hair fall into place and loosely part your bangs down the middle.

This tousled look will hold up all night if you use an extra strength hairspray to keep it in place. Add some smoky eye makeup and you are ready to go on the prowl!

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