Jenna Fischer hairstylesJenna Fisher, and her beloved character Pam from The Office, are known for their trademark wavy hair.  Pam is definitely not a trendsetter in The Office- her hair matches her plain jane look. In real life however, Jenna knows how to make the most of her natural waves and her vibrant deep red-brown hair color. If you have wavy hair and are looking for some hairdo ideas, forget Pam’s boring style—it’s all about Jenna’s pretty updo!

Jenna Fischer hairstylesHere, Jenna has made the most of her natural hair texture by leaving a few layers to frame her face, which also compliment her dangly earrings. She has an off-center hair part that only goes a couple inches deep, and then her hair is swept back to create maximum volume at the crown. Her hair is then styled into a loose French roll that lets the natural bend in her hair show through. If you have wavy hair and want to try this updo, just let your waves fall into place and  use hair pins to secure it loosely as you roll and tuck it in the back.

Another great thing about waves is how they reflect light, making highlights like Jenna’s really pop out. If you haven’t already, add some sun-kissed highlights to your waves to really make this updo look immaculate!

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