Emma Stone hairstylesIt's hard to believe that Emma Stone once had terrible acne and low self-confidence in her younger years. Now, she oozes glamour and sophistication, not to mention she has a glowing complexion to boot!

Here, she looks absolutely stunning in a new haircut, color and makeup style. Polls show that most people prefer Emma Stone as a fiery redhead, but lately she is looking fantastic as a blonde and tailoring her makeup and dress sense to match.

Emma Stone hairstyles
Emma typically has a long, layered hairstyle with grown out bangs. Now she is sporting a more structured cut in the form of a blunt bob with straight-across bangs. This haircut brings out her amazing eyes and suits her petite nose and oval face shape.

The color is a light golden blonde which works well with her skin tone. In fact, Emma has a complexion that can pull off both cool and warm tones, if done properly.

Finally, her makeup is heavier and brighter than usual, which works, given the fact that she is wearing a scarlet dress and bold chunky jewellery. A soft red lipstick shade and smoky eye makeup looks amazing, topping off this ultra glamorous look for Emma. Do you prefer Emma as a blonde, or a more natural looking redhead?

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