Britney Spears hairstylesIt’s hard to imagine that Britney Spears once sported a shaved head and had a very public breakdown, but it seems that slowly but surely, the princess of pop is getting back to her old self. She’s toned down her antics and is generally leading a quieter life now, which we assume is most welcomed after the years of media madness that surrounded her. In any case, Britney’s look is still all about being a blonde, which suits her just fine.

Above, Britney’s hair is worn long, past the chest in a light buttery blonde color. Britney has a warm undertone to her skin and can pull this California girl color off effortlessly. Warning—if you want to copy Britney’s hair color but have a pink undertone to your skin—don’t. It will only increase your pinkiness and generally look brassy and unflattering—opt for a beige champagne blonde instead.

Her haircut has been layered nicely, with the shortest hair layers starting at her jaw line going down towards the ends. Britney has an angular jaw line and thick neck, but her long layers and loose waves soften up any hard lines. If you have similar features to Britney, or a rectangular or square face shape, this hairstyle will work wonders for you.

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