If you aren’t one for flat, boring hairstyles, then Ashley Judd's extreme updo may be the perfect fit for you. This isn’t something you would want to wear for a casual event of course—this hairstyle is reserved for a super chic affair. So, the next time you are busting out the ball gown or your best cocktail dress and your hair needs a boost, get out the comb and start teasing your way to this fabulous head-turning ‘do.

Tips and Tricks:

Ashley Judd hairstyles• For high-lift styles, your hair will hold better if it was washed the day before.
• Use hair rollers to add volume, body and texture to your hair before you begin to style it.
• Use a fine-toothed comb to tease the roots of your hair and keep it in place with a high-strength hairspray spritz.
• Focus on the front, crown and back of the head when you are adding volume to your roots.
• If your hair is on the thin side, use a clip-in hairpiece to add more volume at the crown before you style it.
• After you have teased the roots, start to style it by moulding it towards the back of the head and then pinning it into place using hair pins that are the same color as your hair.
• Secure it at the back in a ponytail, twist or bun depending on your preference.

This hairstyle looks fabulous but may take some practice—do a test run before your big night out to ensure you can get it right!

To see how you'd look with the great hairstyle pictured in this blog, click on the above image to try the virtual hairstyle with your own photo!