Tiffany Hines was looking fierce on the red carpet in this recent photo. Wearing a white dress and gold earrings to show off her gorgeous complexion, her hair and makeup was styled to perfection. In particular, her makeup highlighted her large, upturned eyes. If you want to get this look on your next night out, here’s how:

Tiffany Hines hairstyles1. Start by building up light layers of black eye shadow around the entire eye with a small angled brush. Tiffany’s skin tone can pull off deep black, brown and charcoal shades, but if you have fair or medium skin stick to lighter browns and grey shades.

2. Once you have created your outline, softly blend the edges to reduce any harsh lines and add a lighter shade (like gunmetal grey) on the lid.

3. Use mascara to extend your eyelashes, or some fake eyelashes on the outer corners like Tiffany has done.

4. Use a sheer berry blush very sparingly on the apples of the cheeks for just a hint of color.

5. Finally, wear a sheer glossy berry shade on your lips. This adds a fresh glow to your face while keeping the focus on those dramatic cat eyes.

Enjoy this look in the evening with a killer dress and sky-high heels.