Ciara looks perfect in the photo below. The hair, the makeup, the glowing skin could we be more jealous?! In any case, the best we can do is try to copy her techniques and take a few style notes here and there. In this particular look, Ciara is showing us how to work the soft and feminine look through her hair and makeup.

Ciara hairstylesFirst off, her hair is gorgeous. Yes, the gradually lightened ends are a trend that has been worn to death, but Ciara has managed to look different from everyone else with her fantastic choice of colors and technique. Her buttery yellow blonde and medium brown hair tones melt into each other perfectly. And to brighten up her face, she has pulled a few full highlights through the front to give her a wonderful warm glow. The blunt bob and centre hair part looks fab with her oval face shape too.

Her makeup technique is simple but stunning. A black smokey eye with bronze eye shadow and blush looks amazing with her golden skin tone. And, her soft ultra-light pink lips look soft and supple. Ciara is rocking a look that is 100% glam. Try this one out if you are craving a simple but seductive makeup look.

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