Sofia Vergara was recently named the sexiest woman in the world with good reason. A stunning figure, amazing hair and oodles of natural beauty and sophistication are just some of Vergara’s traits. She can light up the red carpet like no one’s business and even on her downtime Sofia manages to look effortlessly gorgeous. So what went wrong in this photo? To be honest, not much really. But there is a minor makeup fail going on that us women should take note of.

Sofia Vergara hairstylesBrows are in fashion big time. Thanks to swarthy beauties like the Duchess of Cambridge and Katy Perry, who like to emphasize their thick brows, bigger is now better. Sofia has lovely full arched eyebrows that create perfect frames for her large almond shaped eyes. Having a strong brow means that the eyes are going to be the focus of the makeup look, so it’s not necessary to go overboard on the eye makeup. Sofia really didn’t need to do a super thick feline eyeliner and fake lashes—it is eye-overkill! Even worse, her smokey eye shadow has been winged out so that it actually joins the outer corner of the eyebrow. Avoid this technique—all it does is close up your eye area creating a weird mask effect. If you have strong brows, you already have a lot going on there; so keep the rest of your makeup light and fresh.