If you have tanned or medium-toned skin, you’ll know that warm earth tones and metallics are the way to go when it comes to makeup. But what if you get sick of the bronze, gold, brown and copper tones and want to try something that packs more of a color punch? Pastels are usually a no-go area for warm skin, but with the right technique you can pull it off.

Korinna Rico hairstylesA good example is seen here on Korrina Rico. Korrina has used an oh-so-feminine combination of lilac and rose hues in her makeup palette, which looks amazing with her light green eyes and warm skin tone. Regardless of your eye color, you can flaunt this look too. Here’s how:

• Use a light lilac eye shadow with a high shimmer finish. This will take away the chalky look that matte pastel shadows have.
• Using an angled applicator brush, apply eye shadow under the bottom lash line and into the inner corners as well.
• Apply a soft black or grey eyeliner, concentrating on the outer corners of the eye and then finish it all off with mascara.
• On the lips, go for a pretty rose pink that has a cream or gloss finish.
• You can pull it all together by using pink blush on the apples of the cheeks, but use it sparingly!

This is a pretty look but using too much product on the eyes, lips or cheeks can easily make you look clownish if you go overboard—less is more in this case!