If you have intense amber eyes like Julia Roberts or Nikki Reed, consider yourself lucky when it comes to makeup! With such a vivid eye color, amber-eyed ladies really don’t need to do much to make a statement. However if you feel the need to glam up then copy this quick and easy smokey eye, as seen on Nikki herself. This makeup will work well on girls with amber eyes and red, brunette or blonde hair.

Nikki Reed hairstylesThe rule to remember is to keep your makeup palette warm—lose the blacks and cool greys and stick to rich browns and metallics instead. To get a sexy smokey eye like Nikki, start by layering a shimmery peach on the eyelid, and then building up layers of darker browns in the outer corner of the eye. The contrast between the sparkly peach base and brown layers will intensify amber eyes to the max!

Next, use a soft, deep brown eyeliner to line the upper and lower lash lines, concentrating on the outer corners. Join the two lines in the corner and then slightly smudge out the edges. A coating of deep brown mascara is all that’s left to finish off this seductive look. Pair it with a soft beige-pink lipstick and you’re ready to roll.