First let’s start off by saying Nene Leakes looks amazing for a 45 year old. She has flawless skin, a bright smile, and a youthful energy that is apparent in her hair, clothes and personality. She oozes confidence and style, so we have to hand it to her for that. She also rocks flawless makeup- most of the time. However here, we have a makeup disaster.

Nene Leakes hairstylesNene is rocking a bright blonde cropped ‘do which looks hot with her warm skin tone. What doesn’t look hot is the orange shading overkill on her nose and cheek areas. Using makeup to sculpt your features is a great way to change your look, just make sure it matches your skin tone and looks natural! Nene’s is far too orange and bright to look natural, bringing the wrong kind of attention to her face.

Next, we have highlighter overkill on the brow area. Highlighter looks great under the brow bone and on the temples if done correctly. If you have dark skin like Nene’s choose an ivory or gold rather than a white to avoid Nene’s chalky look.

Finally, Nene has a very warm, peachy palette going on everywhere except for her eyes, which are caked in cool grey and black—makeup clash! Choose either a warm or cool palette for your makeup for best results.

Better luck next time Nene!