Teen skin can be oily due to all of the excess hormone action going on, so not only does gentle looking makeup work best for teens, so does makeup that is gentle feeling for the skin. Let’s take a look at some light looks for teens that work well for day and night, and save the skin from being clogged with too much makeup.

Model with platinum blonde hairHere, our model wears a natural look with just a hint of rosiness on the cheeks and lips. The eyes are kept bare except for some pink eye shadow in the crease of the eye and a coat of mascara.


Abigail Breslin hairstylesAbigail Breslin wears a pretty look in this photo that works great for a night out. She has used blue eyeliner on both the top and bottom lash lines and slightly blended it out for a lighter take on the smokey eye. Her lips look sweet in a pretty pink lipstick.  This makeup suits blue and green eyes best, but don’t be afraid to experiment with purples and blues if you have brown eyes.


Model with an ombre hair colorFor a more dramatic look, copy our model and go for a grey smokey eye shadow and eyeliner, paired with a nude lip for a cool day or evening look.