Libra women are known for their beautiful faces that have perfect symmetry and balance. They never like to offend or shock anyone, and will always act with grace and flaunt stylish, sophisticated hair and makeup. Libras have beautiful lips and teeth, so a great lipstick is essential. Here are some makeup ideas for Libra women, worn by Librans in the limelight.

Ashanti hairstylesAshanti shows off perfect Libran symmetry in her face and a stunning makeup job. To bring out her almond-shaped eyes she has used a smoky dark brown eyeliner and shadow.  Her color-pop candy pink lips compliment her beaming smile.


Catherine Zeta-Jones hairstylesAs Catherine Zeta-Jones demonstrates, Libra women can pull off sophisticated makeup effortlessly. Wearing a deep nude lipstick and a soft black smoky eye, this evening look is perfect for Libras who want an understated yet glam look. The dark colors also match her jewel-tone dress beautifully.


Hilary Duff hairstylesHilary Duff shows off her gorgeous complexion with soft golden eye shadow and a sheer pink lipstick, for an all-over warm glow.