One of the more daring and fun trends going on right now is hair color that resembles a burning flame. Bright orange, deep crimson and bold gold all blend in to produce, pardon the pun, a smoking hot look. If you're brave enough to try this edgy color, you may be wondering how you would do your makeup to match such a vibrant tone of hair. Look no further than our models, who are rocking hot makeup to match their flaming orange hair.

Model with short red hairThis model is looking fabulous in a bright gold eye shadow. Instead of going for a muted dark metallic shade, instead go for an intense canary yellow gold that will mesh with your hair color. A little brown or black eyeliner with some shiny pink lips, and you are ready to roll.


Model with crimped red hairHere, our model goes for a deeper palette of makeup colors. She has used an apricot shade on her eyes along with a bold red lipstick. These colors both work well with her bright orange color.


Cher hairstylesWhen Cher rocked orange-red hair, she showed us how to work neutrals for a pared-down makeup look. Using brown and copper shades on her eyes, Cher brings out her features without drawing the attention away from her hair color. A pretty pink lipstick is just enough color to polish this look off.