Kayla Brianna was recently spotted looking vibrant in a gorgeous spring makeup palette that matched her outfit, and her vivacious personality. Cool pink and purple shades like lilac, violet, cerise and rose looks fabulous on dark skin tones like Kayla’s, so if this applies to you, read on!

Kayla Brianna hairstylesOn her eyes, Kayla has first used dark eyeliner on the top lash line and outer corner of the bottom lash line to make her eyes pop. Then, to soften them up, she has applied a lilac eye shadow on the eyelids and the lower lash line as well. This is an ultra-modern and fresh take on the smoky eye, and one that works fabulously for daytime.

Next, Kayla has used a bright cerise pink shade of lipstick to match her cool violet eye shadow. Using a cool shade of lipstick will instantly make your teeth look whiter, and in this case, it brightens up Kayla’s whole face. And that’s it—fresh, fun makeup in minutes!

Finish all off with voluminous hair and some jewelry like Kayla, but stick to cool metals (like silver) rather than gold to match your makeup palette.