Elise Neal was looking brilliant on the red carpet recently with her sleek hairdo, glowing skin and colorful makeup. Elise of course has a great base to work with—a flawless complexion and a bright smile—but she managed to look extra good with a splash of teal green makeup added to the mix. With the smokey eye makeup overkill that often happens at star-studded events, it was nice to see something fresh that we can all grab some style inspiration from. Here’s how to get Elise’s look:

Elise Neal hairstylesOn her top lash line, Elise has used a dark brown eye shadow and eyeliner to emphasize her deep brown eye color. For extra glam-factor she has also used fake eyelashes. To get that bold teal line around the bottom lash line, Elise has used a pencil or eye crayon with some metallic sheen to it for a very pretty finish. If you want to copy this look, use a metallic, shimmery or pearlescent finish eyeliner so you don’t get a chalky teal look instead.

Complete the look with rosy pink cheeks and a soft pink lip gloss to match. Voila—now you have a pretty red carpet look that is a nice change from the same old smokey eye look.