Unfortunately, when you are a celebrity, your off-day will be photographed and plastered on newspapers, magazine and websites around the world, which is what happened with this unfortunate look as seen on Christa B Allen.

Christa B Allen hairstylesTo start, it’s obvious that Christa is a beauty in her own right, and would look good without a scrap of makeup on. But it seems that her makeup artist went hog wild on this particular night and plastered it on—not a good look for anyone. Christa has strong, striking features so really all she needs is a bit of softening and enhancing on select areas. She also has a long face shape, so like Hilary Swank, really can’t pull of bright and bold makeup looks easily. 

To avoid a similar disaster, make sure you avoid the following don’ts on your next night out:

1. Eye shadow applied to the entire eye area. Dramatic eyes are great, but go for a smoky eyeliner rather than orange eye shadow applied from lash line all the way to the eyebrow. It’s a look best left for the catwalk and the Eighties.

2. Unblended bronzer. Christa’s bronzer is concentrated onto the apples of her cheeks, making the rest of her skin look chalky. A large blending brush would have done wonders here.

3. The lips are actually a fantastic color—on their own. If you are rocking bold eye shadow and bronzer, it’s best to leave the lip neutral.

Better luck next time Ms. Allen!