Cheryl Cole hairstylesCheryl Cole is a pop star in the UK and is often referred to as the nation’s sweetheart. In the USA, she is better known for her blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role as a judge on the X Factor. Some say it was her odd choice of outfits and her strong accent that ended her short stint on the show, before being replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. I guess we will never know, but there is no denying that while her talent is questionable, her makeup is definitely not.

Here, Cheryl is sporting a fantastic look that will suit brunettes with dark eyes and a warm skin tone. Cheryl’s dark brown eyes are lined with a dark chocolate eyeliner on both the bottom and top lash lines- even the inner and outer corners are lined in this sexy look. Next, she has added brown and bronze eye shadow on her lids, which has been extended out towards the end of the eyebrow. Cheryl is a big fan of false lashes (she even has her own brand of fake lashes in the UK!) which adds extra doe-eyed power to this look.

To show off those cheekbones, Cheryl has used bronzer underneath the apples of the cheeks. This is also a great technique for ladies who want to appear slimmer in the face. To complete your Cheryl Cole makeup, choose a warm beige lipstick and you are ready to roll.