Audrina Patridge hairstylesAudrina Patridge’s hair is looking extremely lighter lately, but that’s not the only thing that is changing. Recently she has been spotted wearing bolder, brighter makeup—which is not a bad thing. However, in this photo, it’s not particularly working for her either. Audrina is looking older than her years, which is the direct result of makeup gone wrong. Here are some things to avoid so you don’t experience a similar disaster:

1. Overdoing the tan. Natural or fake, over tanning never looks good. But if you love to sport bronzed skin, go for the natural makeup look to balance it all out and keep the years off.

2. Loading on the blush. Audrina already has a lot of color in her skin, so her blush is unnecessary. For that extra bit of definition, a light highlighter on the cheekbones would have been enough.

3. Harsh eyeliner. Audrina has lined her entire eye with a dark pencil. This brings out her eyes nicely but some smudging around the edges would make her eyes look bigger and give an overall softer look.

4. Glossy red lips. If you are going to go glossy, try a softer color. If you insist on going glossy and red, make sure the rest of your face has minimal makeup to avoid overdoing it.