If you are a Taurus lady, check out these hairstyles that are made for you!

If you were born between April 20 and May 20, then you are lucky to be born under the sign of Taurus, the bull. While it is true that natives of this sign are loyal, affectionate and darn good with money, on the downside they are known for their short tempers, stubbornness and on occasion, their downright laziness! Once they get comfortable somewhere, chances are they won’t move unless they absolutely have to. This goes for their physical surroundings as well as their relationships.

When it comes to appearance, Taurus women can be spotted by their large clear eyes, flawless skin and sensual lips. The face tends to have the appearance of strength, sturdiness and balance. Overall, Bull women have very pleasing facial features, usually with a rounded or wide nose. Since Taureans are robust beings, their hair tends to be strong, healthy and shiny, with the majority of Bulls having some curl or waves in their hair. Most will have some sort of a cow lick in the hairline too.

If you are a Taurus lady, check out these hairstyles that are made for you, as modelled by your fellow celebrity Bull sisters.

Rosario Dawson Long Wavy Hairstyle.

Taurus Rosario Dawson makes the most of her locks with this simple wavy hairstyle that will suit Bull women nicely. Being an earth sign, these ladies love classic styles that are simple and elegant. Rosario ‘s shiny dark brown locks have been curled and then brushed through for a soft silky finish. Bull ladies are extremely tactile, so soft ‘dos are the way to go (you won’t likely find a Taurus lady who likes stiff, overstyled ‘dos). To keep their hair looking shiny and healthy, Taurus ladies should invest in some high quality products for their locks.


Nikki Reed Formal Updo.

Nikki Reed is wearing the ideal up-do for a Taurus here—feminine, elegant and soft. As mentioned, these ladies shy away form harsh, tight hairstyles so this loose roll is perfect for an evening out. To get this look, add waves to your hair if you don’t have them naturally and then roll the hair up towards the nape of the neck and pin it into place. Make sure to leave some soft layers out around the face for the perfect finish.


Lena Dunham Short Straight Hairstyle.

Lena Dunham knows how to keep the focus on those large eyes and clear skin with this gorgeous layered short ‘do. Lena’s hair looks soft and feminine thanks to all of the layers throughout. This hairstyle is perfect for all of the no-nonsense Bull ladies out there who prefer a short wash and go hairstyle that makes the most of their features. Lena’s colour looks especially lovely here, with a soft brown base and subtle blonde highlights throughout.


Amber Heard Long Straight Hairstyle.

Finally, we have Amber Heard representing all of the blonde Bull ladies out there. Amber looks svelte and sexy here in a simple long hairdo. Amber’s hair has been curled at the ends, giving it some volume and bounce, but overall her hair is soft and straight with a flipped over fringe. Bulls aren’t into fussy hairstyles, so this sleek silky ‘do will work well for them for a variety of occasions. When it comes to the colour, Taurus ladies look great in wheat and golden shades of blonde, as seen on Amber here.

As you can see, Taurus ladies are easy to spot with their luxurious and silky hair, large eyes and amazing complexions! To all of the loyal, sensual and stubborn Bulls out there- Happy Birthday!

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