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Barely There Waves

As you know from our trend reports, this year it’s all about the “barely there” wavy hair. Last year, wavy bobs were one of the hottest ‘dos of the year, but it was a more polished look that everyone was going for in 2014. This year, the idea is to look like you’ve barely put any effort into those waves, which is good news for most of us! To be on trend this yea... Read More »


Streaky Highlights

It was only a matter of time before the Nineties made it back to the world of hair color, and now it is going to be one of the hottest trends in 2015. Not all Nineties hair mind you—we’re not talking about limp grungy hairstyles or Jennifer Aniston’s Friends cut—but we are talking about streaky highlights. Streaky highlights were anything but natural looking i... Read More »


Soft Bombshell Hair

While there are definitely some edgy looks that will be on trend this year, there is one trend that will appeal to all of the ladies out there who love their hair big and bold. It’s known as bombshell hair! Think Bridgette Bardot body and volume, but with a smooth polished finish. Lana Del Rey often does The Soft Bombshell with a vintage twist on stage, with long tumbling soft waves an... Read More »


Loose Boho Waves

If you’ve read any hair trend reports this year, you’ll know that mermaid waves and highly polished Carrie Underwood style hair is on its way out. Instead, loose, barely there boho waves are all the rage this year. In 2015, random, messy bedhead style waves are where it’s at. So put away the curling wands and instead, let your hair dry overnight in loose braids for best res... Read More »


The Swag Hairstyle

It’s official—the must have hairstyle to have for 2015 is “The Swag”! Taking over from last year’s Lob (long bob), the Swag ‘do is the “swingy shag” hairstyle. The main style features of this ‘do is a long peek-a-boo fringe with the rest of the hair being heavily layered throughout. Think an updated version of the Seventies-style shag. The purpose of this ‘do is to add loads of movement into... Read More »


The Ballerina Bun

It’s a bummer that winter is here but look on the bright side—it’s now time to change up your hair, makeup and clothes for winter! The weather may be colder but don’t let that stop you from rocking a hot hairstyle. There are many must-have hairstyles to choose from this season, but this post will focus on one that is simple, elegant and timeless: the ballerina bun.Read More »


Vintage Inspired Hairstyles

If there’s one thing that is already apparent on the red carpet, it’s that vintage inspired hairstyles are going to be big in 2015. In particular, formal hairstyles that have that vintage vibe are going to be bang on trend this coming year. Whether you pull your inspiration from the Roaring Twenties or Swinging Sixties, give your hairstyle a twist by adding in some retro styling.... Read More »


Curly Hairstyles For The Festive Season

December is here and it’s time to let your hair down and party! The festive season really encourages us to go all out and end the year with the biggest, baddest hair. On the red carpet recently, celebs were going for big, curly hairstyles to usher in the festive season which is great news for all the ladies out there who have naturally curly hair. It’s time to let your curls do t... Read More »


Hot Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs can really make or break a good haircut, so it’s important to do your research if you want to add bangs or modify your existing ones. The right fringe will depend on your face shape, your overall hairstyle and of course, your fashion sense. But with so many options to choose from, there is definitely a fringe out there that is made for you. Fringes are definitely in t... Read More »


Chic Ponytails

If you have been following our fall trend series, you’ll know that this season, there are so many hot hairstyles to choose from. Some require more work and commitment than others, but this particular trend is easy to do and doesn’t require spending money at the salon (bonus!) It’s nothing new, but it will be one of the essential ways to wear you hair this fall—that&rs... Read More »


Swinging London Hairstyles

If you love the era of Swinging London—you know, Carnaby Street, the Beatles, Twiggy—then you are in for a treat this season. One of fall’s hottest trends is this magical era from the Sixties that was full of music, fun and of course, fabulous fashion! Swinging London was all about the Mod Look and miniskirts, and the hairstyles ranged from boyish pixie cuts to bouffants.Read More »


Polished Waves

Summer is over for another year and that means it’s time to pack away the beach boho waves and get into the swing of fall. There are many exciting hairstyle trends happening this season but one that is really standing out on the red carpet is polished waves—it’s all about being prim and proper! To get this look, first start by blow-drying your hair smooth and sleek.... Read More »


Twists and Braids

If you paid attention to the fall fashion runways, you will have noticed a plethora of twists, rolls and braids on the models which is going to be all the rage this season. While braids are always a cute way to do your hair, this year the trend is to braid it, twist it and maybe roll it up for good measure! That’s right, the more complicated the better. See an example in _bl... Read More »


Summer Hairstyles with Light, Bright Ends

If you are a fan of the ever so popular ombre look, then you’re going to love this new trend that has popped up this summer. It’s all about brightening up your ends in anything but a subtle manner; in fact, the bolder they are, the better! Similar to the ombre technique, this look consists of darker roots that graduate lighter at the ends. However, unlike the ombre effect, this l... Read More »


Head-Turning Hairstyles

Red carpet hairstyles are great to get inspiration from, but sometimes we need a bit more than prim and polished 'dos. Sometimes we just want to get a little bit crazy, whether that's with the color, cut or style! If you are craving some hairstyle ideas that are slightly different from the norm, look no further ... Read More »

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