Layered hairstyles remain one of the most popular hairstyle choices every year, simply because of the versatility and finish they provide.

Even just a few layers can transform your look or help your hair to sit like never before. If you haven’t tried a hairstyle with layers yet, then these tips and ideas should convince you to give one a go!

Layered Hairstyle Tips

  • If your hair is fine, use layers to add movement and body.
  • Layers can be used to provide a great frame around long, round or square face shapes and makes them look more feminine.
  • Those with thick hair can use layers to thin out and reduce weight in their locks, and to add freedom and movement to hairstyles.
  • Solid hair colors in layered hair can look flat so add highlights to your layers to add depth.
  • If your hair is long, adding layers will create shape without you having to sacrifice your long hair length.
  • For those with short hair, growing some longer lengths through the top of your hair and adding long layers will give you versatile styling power.
  • Using products such as hair wax and styling gel in your layers will instantly add texture to your locks, and create plenty of funky looks, especially in shorter hair lengths.

Layered Hairstyle Ideas

To see the different layers can make to your hairstyle, check out these great layered hairstyle ideas!

Graduated Layers

Graduated layered hairstyleGraduated layered hairstyle

This bob hairstyle gets a real boost to its medium hair length when graduated layers are added through the crown. The layers provide plenty of hair height and lift through the roots and is a great option for those with a round face shape as hairstyles with height add much needed length to shorter faces.

Short Jagged Cut Layers

Short hair with jagged layersShort hair with jagged layers

To get a short hairstyle this funky, you've just gotta have layers! Short jagged cut layers have been added through the top section only for this short straight hairstyle to ensure that there's plenty of texture to go around. With help from the layers, getting this finish will take no time at all!

Long Jagged Cut Layers

Long hair with jagged cut layersLong hair with jagged cut layers

If you've got fine, thin hair then adding long jagged cut layers in key places throughout your locks will make a real different to the movement in your hair and the way your style falls. This casual long straight hairstyle only needs slight jagged cut layers through the front sections to get this lovely shape around the jawline. The layers also play a big role in getting the subtle highlights to peep through the hair strands in such a cool way.

Medium and Long Razored Layers

Medium to long layers in medium length hairMedium to long layers in medium length hair

Using medium and long layers is a great way to add really nice shape to your hair. This medium straight casual hairstyle uses a mix of both and also a razor cut technique to create its shape. The final result is a beautiful hairstyle with plenty of width and volume through the top section, which is perfect for long faces such as a diamond face shape or an oblong face shape.

Short Layers

Long hair with short layersLong hair with short layers

If you have really long hair and want to add some oomph then layers are for you! By just adding short layers through the top section of this alternative long straight hairstyle, the hair has been transformed into a funky, body-filled style up top, while the rest of the length is left to fall into a super salon straight finish. It's contrast and versatility at its best!

Subtle Layers

Curly hair with subtle layersCurly hair with subtle layers

The final layered hairstyle idea uses subtle layers in just the outer edges of the hair. This adds bounce and movement to the great curly locks of this long casual hairstyle, and lots of shape and movement to the rest of the hairdo.

For more info about any of these layered hairstyles, and to try them on your own photo or our model, click on each image.

To see our entire range of hairstyles visit our Hairstyles page today!

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