Haircuts for Fine Hair

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Find out which haircuts can add volume to your locks and other simple hair tips for fine hair.

Some of the downsides of a fine hair type is the flatness and lack of volume that can leave your locks looking limp and some hairstyles, such as an updo, without the wow factor. These hair problems can be solved, however, with the right haircut and some simple hair tips.


Graduated Haircuts

A graduated haircut where the hair is cut progressively shorter towards the back of the head is great for adding movement and volume to fine hair types and will work well on straight or curly hair elasticities.

Graduated haircut for fine hair

Back of graduated haircut for fine hair

This full-bodied look is especially good for fine hair that needs more fullness and volume. The back section has been graduated to create shape and to contour the head, while the side sections have been given angled layers and a wispy texture.

Click on the image to view larger versions of the front and side images for this hairstyle, how to style steps, and to try the virtual hairstyle on your photo or our model.


Layered Haircuts 

Layered haircuts add body to fine hair and can add shape and style if your hair length is long, or versatility if your haircut is a short crop.

Medium straight layered hairstyle

Side view of medium straight layered hairstyle

Textured ends and layers make a big impact on this divine medium straight hairstyle. The back has been jagged cut at the nape and then blended up to the funky layers through the crown. These layers create lift and body for the hair and the layering is also carried through the sides to create shape around the face.


Bob Haircuts

For the best results for fine hair, a haircut where the length falls anywhere between your chin and your shoulders is your best bet. This will get the weight of your hair at the right balance so it works for your finer locks, not against them. As for a cut, try to avoid anything too choppy or razored as it will get rid of any volume (and fine hair needs as much volume as it can get!). Instead, go for blunt ends or short layers.

Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle with flicked hair

Medium Straight blunt Bob Hairstyle


Fine Hair Tips:

We hope these haircut suggestions and hair tips help you to make the most of your fine hair. If you have any of your own fine hair tips then be sure to share them by leaving a comment below.