If you're after an easy way to style your hair then take a look at these great ponytail ideas!

While the humble ponytail is certainly an easy hairstyle to try when you're short on time, there's much more to this stunningly simple updo. Just adding a few different techniques when styling, or wearing your ponytail high, low, or with hair accessories can make all the difference and give you a range of looks versatile enough for any occasion.

To see what we mean, try these tips the next time you're styling your ponytail, and give the great looks of the following celebrity ponytails a try.

Ponytail Tips:

  • Ponytails that are styled loose and with height through the front section (i.e. not slicked down to your head) create the most flattering look.
  • Ponytails can be enhanced with hair accessories such as headbands, hair pins, and fancy hair elastics.
  • For a classic, natural look, cover up your hair elastic with a strand of your own hair that's been secured in place with bobby pins.
  • Keep the style relaxed and pretty by letting random strands float around your face.

The Every Day Ponytail

Kate Hudson hairstylesKate Hudson hairstyles

Our first celebrity ponytail example is this great look from Kate Hudson. It's perfect for lazy weekends, holidays and creating a relaxed style. Just remember to follow her cue and loosely style your hair with some height, a nice thick plait or braid and to leave some hair strands loose around your face.

The Party Ponytail

Fergie hairstylesFergie hairstyles

Nothing says head turner like an eye catching hairstyle. This ponytail from Fergie is a great funky look that's perfect for parties. The quiff through the front, the slicked back sides and the little plaited knot around the base of her super straight ponytail all look fantastic and will stay in place all night with the right hairstyling products!

The Work Day Ponytail

Nicole Richie hairstylesNicole Richie hairstyles

While pulling your hair into a ponytail for work might be the style of choice when you don't have a lot of time, that doesn't mean your ponytail can't look stylish. This ponytail from Nicole Richie uses simple back combing techniques and straight strands to create a polished, low sitting ponytail perfect for a day in the office.

The Elegant Ponytail

Olivia Wilde hairstylesOlivia Wilde hairstyles

If you're after a ponytail for a special occasion, then try something similar to this elegant updo from Olivia Wilde. By pulling all of your hair straight back with no visible hair part and pinning it into a full and thick ponytail, you'll have a base for showing off the lengths of your hair. And if you also give this stunning cascade of curls a try, you're ponytail is sure to be a hit at any event!

The Curly Hair Ponytail

Eva Longoria Parker hairstylesEva Longoria Parker hairstyles

Although curls look stunning when worn out, putting them into a ponytail is also a fantastic option. This style from Eva Longoria Parker is perfect for curly hair textures as it allows you to show off your curls. The key to this hairdo is to keep the styling simple and carefree by pinning your curls back in a way that still allows them to sit loosely. Finish with curly strands on each side of your face to complete the ultra-feminine look.

The Straight Hair Ponytail

Jessica Simpson hairstylesJessica Simpson hairstyles

For those with straight hair, a low ponytail, such as this one from Jessica Simpson, is ideal as it'll allow you to make the most of your sleek, straight strands. Show off your straight hair with bangs or by leaving some sections out around your face and then back comb the rest of your hair to add height and to keep your style from looking too flat. Secure your low ponytail at the base of your neck and then wrap a section of your hair around your hair elastic to complete the look.

The Wavy Hair Ponytail

Eva Longoria Parker hairstylesEva Longoria Parker hairstyles

If your hair has a slight wave, or even a lot of waves, then this simple ponytail from Eva Longoria Parker is one to try. To achieve the look, secure your waves into a low ponytail at the base of your neck but keep your hair loose enough so that your waves are able to frame your face and create a soft style. This type of ponytail can be dressed up with hair accessories or left as is for a more relaxed finish.

We hope you've found some styling inspiration with these great ponytail ideas. To see how you'd look with any of these celebrity hairstyles, click on the images for a link to try the virtual hairstyle on your own photo or our model.

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