Style your 'do according to your Cancer star sign traits with these hairstyle ideas.

If you were born between June 22 and July 22, then you are lucky enough to be a lunar lady born under the sign of Cancer. Blessed with a sense of serenity and being the ultimate domestic goddesses, Cancer women are known for their femininity, intuitiveness and deep emotions. On the downside, they are also known for being moody, close-minded and the complainers of the zodiac-yikes!

Appearance-wise, Crab women are usually on the shorter side and tend to be heavy in the bust and/or stomach area. Their skin is clear and has a silky, translucent sheen to it and the eyes are usually large, almond-shaped, and turn up at the outer corners. On the other hand, Cancers can also have small but very bright eyes that are close set. The face will be moon-like: round in shape with supple cheeks, a dainty chin and a flat appearance. As for their hair, Cancers usually have thin or sparse hair (unless they have other very strong influences in their birth charts) and will usually have an ashy or neutral undertone to their hair color.

Let's check out some of the best Cancerian hairstyles for women, as seen on some of the most famous Crab women in Hollywood.

Kristen Bell hairstyles

Kristen Bell is every inch the Cancer woman here with her small but sparking blue eyes, high cheekbones and wide smile. She looks fabulous in this light blonde hair color (as many Cancer women do) and the soft waves add to her already soft and feminine look. Another feature that looks great here is the long fringe. This is a good option for Cancer women who have the typical large forehead and small, daily chin. An eye-skimming fringe will balance out the facial proportions and bring attention to those sparkling eyes.

Olivia Munn hairstyles

Olivia Munn is another typical Cancer with her dainty chin, large almond-shaped eyes and gorgeous cheekbones. Her complexion glows and her hair is super glossy. Like most Cancers though, her hair is on the fine side but she rectifies this problem with a blunt jaw-length bob that adds the appearance of thickness. By curling the ends, she adds even more body and just like the ocean, the waves suit the crab lady perfectly.

Solange Knowles hairstyles

Solange Knowles works her hair in a natural, short curly style here and lets her lunar facial features do all the talking. While Cancer women are ultra feminine, they are also homebodies which means they prefer the au naturel look more often than not, and are also a fan of low maintenance 'dos. Solange has let her natural curls do their thing here but has perfected the hairstyle with some good finishing serums and a shine spray for a glossy finish.

Sofia Vergara hairstyles

Finally, we have Sofia Vergara, the archetypical Cancerian woman with her hourglass figure, gorgeous skin and those huge brown eyes! Sofia loves to wear her brunette hair long and flowing with curls and waves, but here she is flaunting a gorgeous updo that all lunar women will love. Sofia has left some layers down to frame her face while the rest is tied back with a mini bouffant at the crown. The bottom layers cascade down for an all over elegant and sophisticated look.

As you can see, no matter what hairstyle a Cancer woman wears, she will always manage to look soft and feminine. Happy birthday to all of the caring, comforting and cool Cancers out there!

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