Part one of our series looked at women's hairstyles up until the postwar period. Here in part two we look at women's hairstyles from the 1960s until today. Check them out, get inspired and maybe start a new trend.

Thinking about different periods in history and their different women's hairstyles is a great way to think about the way women's hairstyles have evolved. But most importantly, different hairstyles through the ages are an excellent source of inspiration for hairstyle fashion in the present.

This is the second and final part of our look at women's hairstyles through the ages. We've been looking at different hairstyle trends in history and the way they've been reinterpreted in fashion today. In part two below we look at our favorite hairstyles from the 1960s right up until Rihanna's undercut today.

Mod Hairstyles

Mod hairstylesZac Efron hairstyles

Mod hairstyles originated in London in the late 1950s and 60s and gained massive popularity largely because of mod-inspired bands like the Beatles. Mod fashion was ultra stylish and ultra cool- kind of like the clean lines of the modernist post-industrial architecture of the period. Hairstyles were short, tailored and sleek, and popular examples were the bob (reinvented from the Roaring Twenties period of women's hairstyles) and Twiggy's crop. Today mod hairstyles have had a new lease of life in edgy bob hairstyles and sleek crop haircuts as well as the more Beatles-esque mop top hairstyles of Chace Crawford and Zac Efron (right).

Flower Power Hairstyles

Beyonce hairstylesKim Kardashian hairstyles

The Flower Power era of women's hairstyles is the late 1960s and early 70s. Thinking back on this period you'd probably conjor images of Abba and the Vietnam war and of course... Farrah Fawcett's layered hairstyle. After nearly 40 years Farrah's hairstyle is nearly as popular as ever for women the world over, largely because of its versatility. For the best examples of today's interpretation of 70s layered hair check out how Beyonce Knowles (left) and Kim Kardashian (right) adjust their layered locks to suit their face shape by manipulating the placement of their part.

80s Hairstyles

AnnaLynne McCord hairstylesDrew Barrymore hairstyles

The 80s was a time of blow-dried bouffy hairstyles. Think frizzy Madonna perms, she-mullets and "new wave" asymmetrical haircuts. Some say that women's hairstyles of the 80s were largely influenced by the rise of TV soap operas and prime time dramas like Dallas. Elements of 80s hairstyles can be seen today in wavy hairstyles with plenty of volume and hairstyles with romantic curls. AnnaLynne McCord's layered curls (left) and Drew Barrymore's two-tone bob have "cheesy 1980s hairstyle" written all over them.

Retro Hairstyles

Rihanna hairstylesSarah Harding hairstyles

Many people are defining women's hairstyles today as the retro period of fashion. Retro means "relating to or reviving history" and if you take a look at popular celebrity hairstyles of the last few years it's quite clear how many of today's hairstyle trends are revivals of previous eras. (In fact this article proves exactly the same point since all of the examples in our hairstyles gallery are retro versions of past women's fashions.) Right now 1980s punk is coming back in a big way, especially obvious in Rihanna's undercuts (left), as well as 1950s rockabilly- for example check out Sarah Harding's short trendy hairstyle (right).

Our selection of our favorite periods of women's hairstyles proves how the past can be a great source of ideas and inspiration in the present. Get inspired and try some of these hairstyles yourself using our Virtual Hairstyler.

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