As part of's prom hair survival guide, we explain how to make sure your prom hair complements your dress' mood.

As part of's prom hair survival guide, we explain how to make sure your prom hair complements your dress' mood.

The mood of your prom dress is the attitude or feeling its style, cut and color create; for example, is it cute, emo, boho or glamorous? When you've figured that out, you need to match your prom hairstyle with your dress .

We've put together a list of moods of prom dresses and some suggestions for prom hair styles that would suit them:

Cute Prom Hairstyles

If you like the cute and flirty look, maybe go for a short prom dress with an empire waist, or a cute little strapless bubble dress in pink or white. Match your prom hair and dress with a cute hairstyle that's styled into natural loose waves- like Sarah Jane Morris' hair at the Critics' Choice Awards 2009.

Sarah Jane Morris hairstyles

Sarah Jane Morris: Critics Choice Awards

Vixen Prom Hairstyles

If your dress is daring- maybe with an eye-catching slit, figure-hugging lines, off the shoulder or strapless- go for a sexy hairstyle. Try something half up half down with waves tickling your shoulders; or side-swept waves like Alicia Keys' Oscars hair 2009.

Alicia Keys hairstyles

Alicia Keys: Oscars Hair 09

Rocker/Boho Prom Hairstyles

The rocker/boho look is casual, hippy and a little flower-power. Your dress might be long and flowing and your bodice embroidered. Try a prom hairstyle like Amanda Bynes': her braids through the front are quite boho, and the sides have been left to flow below her shoulders. You might also want to check out some of the Olsen twins' boho hairstyles.

Amanda Bynes hairstyles

Amanda Bynes: Wavy Long Hair

Emo Prom Hairstyles

An emo prom dress will probably be black. It might have a layered skirt and hook and tie bodice, or maybe it'll be über short in vinyl, or maybe longer and military style.

You can definitely make the emo hair look work for your prom, and you can definitely get prom hair to match. Try something like Twilight's Kristen Stewart's red-carpet hair. It's a combination of red and black color sections and it's got a cool messy and textured look about it. Its dark brooding quality makes it a bit emo, and I guess the piecey two-tone color and volume make it look like scene hair too.

Kristin Stewart hairstyles

Kristin Stewart: Emo Prom Hair

Burlesque Prom Hairstyles

For burlesque style, check out any photos of Dita Von Teese or Lady GaGa (and Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards 2008), and watch the film Moulin Rouge. It's a style that's pretty much a combination of vintage and sexy in a retro and theatrical way. Try a hairstyle like Dita's soft layered bob, or Katy Perry's hairstyle at the Critics' Choice Awards 2009.

Dita Von Teese hairstyles

Dita Von Teese: Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Glamorous Prom Hairstyles

The glamorous look is sophisticated, classic and uncluttered. It's not about being daring or extravagant, but subtle and graceful. Angelina Jolie was definitely the queen of glamor with her Oscars hair 2009 (and Natalie Portman was a close second), in a form-fitting strapless black dress. If you like the glamorous look, try prom hair like Angelina's: it's elegantly pulled back to show off her face, neck and accessories.

Angelina Jolie hairstyles

Angelina Jolie: Oscars Hair 09

Remember to choose a prom hair style that suits the mood of your dress. Choose any dress you like- they're all great- but make sure the style you decide on makes you feel comfortable. Also check out part two of our "Hair and Dress Tips": matching your prom hair with the "loudness" of your dress.

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