As part of's prom hair survival guide, we explain how to make sure you don't go overboard with the message you send with your prom dress and hair.

Marion Cotillard: Oscars Hair 08

Marion Cotillard: Oscars Hair 08

It's a good idea to match your prom hair and dress- in fact, no prom hair style should be performed without your stylist seeing your dress first. Something you really need to bear in mind is your dress's "loudness." Ask yourself, "How loud is my dress stating its mood?" and balance your hair accordingly. Related is the cut of your prom dress's neckline. Adjust your hair to suit the amount of flesh you're showing.

In terms of your prom dress's "loudness," here are some examples. If it's a cute dress, is it subtly cute, or does it scream "THIS DRESS IS SO CUTE!!" with lots of over the top frills and bows etc? Or, if your dress is more of a vixen style, is it subtly sexy- like with a modest slit and form-fitting fabric- or is it really out there, with a huge slit... maybe in crimson red?

Beyonce Knowles: Oscars Hair 09

Beyonce Knowles: Oscars Hair 09

You need to balance your prom hair with the loudness of your dress. I mean, if your dress is stating its mood really loudly (another example: if you're going for the emo look and you've chosen something in daring black vinyl and fishnet) then keep your prom hair subtle or you'll look like you're trying too hard. And it's a similar rule of thumb the other way round: if the mood of your dress is quite subtle then turn up the volume on your hair or you're in danger of looking boring.

The "loudness" of your prom dress can also be a product of the weight of its lines. If it's a more classical dress with solid and heavy lines, avoid over doing your look and choose a contrasting hairstyle with soft waves and creative curls; if your outfit's cute, soft and bouncy with lighter lines, a smoother and more structured hairstyle is going to work best.

Miley Cyrus: Golden Globe Awards Hair 09

Miley Cyrus: Golden Globe Awards Hair 09

The cut of your prom dress's neckline affects the "loudness" of your look and the kind of hairstyle you should get too. For example, if your dress has a high collar and you wear your prom hair out, it'll run the risk of diluting the "loudness" of your dress (because it will partially cover your dress). Or, if your prom dress has a low-cut front or back it's a good idea to balance your look by allowing your hair to fall gently on your bare skin.

To help you out, have a look at the pictures of celebrities we've included in this article. Miley Cyrus has balanced a very exposed neckline with soft curls falling on her shoulders. Beyonce has balanced her loud patterned dress and plunging cleavage with a simple half up half down hairdo. Marion Cotillard, on the other hand, wore a relatively simple glamorous white dress and chose big sassy curls to amplify the overall sexiness of her look.

You don't have to be a star to look this good at your prom. Just follow these simple guidelines about matching your prom dress and hair (without going over the top), and you'll be well on your way to looking fab at your prom.

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