As part of's prom hairstyle survival guide, we explain how the right preparation will guarantee your prom hairstyle suits you and looks good all night long.

Going to the prom is a huge event and preparing for the prom is all part of the fun. As well as deciding on the perfect dress, shoes, jewellery and make up, you also have to decide on the perfect prom hairstyle- and make sure it lasts the night!

So what's the best way to make sure you've chosen a prom hairstyle that'll go the distance? It's all in your prom hair preparation. Here's a simple 3 step guide...

1. Hairstyle Consultation (Three Weeks Before Your Prom)

Prom hairstyle downcurls

If you've already got an idea of the type of prom hair you want, or you just want some advice and direction, book a prom hairstyle consultation with your hairstylist.

Organize the consultation at least 3 weeks before your prom and take along any pictures that you have of prom hairstyles. That way your hairstylist will have a good idea of what you're after and whether you can pull it off; and if not, they can suggest any other prom hairstyles that'll be more suitable.

If you already have your dress picked out then take it- or some photos- along, as well as any earrings or necklaces that you'll be wearing. (For tips about matching prom hairstyles and dresses, see our article: "Prom Hairstyles: Hair and Dress Tips, Part 1 Mood.")

Your prom hairstyle consultation should also include a discussion of how long it'll take to achieve your prom hair and the cost of getting your hair done.

2. Trial (At Least Two Weeks Before Your Prom)

Prom hairstyle pulled back

You might have 100s of prom hairstyles in mind, or just one, but once you've decided on the right one for you then a prom hairstyle trial is a great next step.

You can get this done the same day as your prom hairstyle consultation, or at a later date, but do try to have your prom hairstyle trial at least 2 weeks before the event. That way, if the style just doesn't turn out how you thought it would, or if there are "creative differences" between you and your hairstylist, you still have enough time to find another style and/or salon.

If you've decided to get your hair colored as well as styled then it's a good idea to combine your prom hairstyle trial with your appointment to get your hair colored. That way, if you decide the color isn't for you, or that the curly ends you're going to have for your prom hairstyle will stand out better with a contrasting hair color, you can make those changes in time and not be left with a prom hairstyle that doesn't look good, or a hair color that just doesn't work for you.

The same goes for any other chemical work, such as getting your hair permed or chemically processed. Getting these hair services done well ahead of your prom will give you the chance to fix any mistakes, change your mind, and get used to your new hair color/hair texture.

3. Hair Care (The Day Before Your Prom)

Prom hairstyle upsmooth

Once you've decided on a prom hairstyle, had a consultation, trial and your hair colored, permed or straightened, and also booked your appointment, the only thing left to do is make sure your hair is prepared. That means one thing: making sure your hair isn't freshly washed!

The best thing you can do to make sure your prom hairstyle looks as good at the end of your prom night as it did when you left the salon, is to make sure your hair is clean but not too clean. To do this, you'll need to wash your hair the day before your prom hairstyle appointment.

Why? Washing your hair the day of the prom will make your hair too soft and could stop it from holding your hairstyle, forcing your hairstylist to overload your hair with more styling products (which will make your hair look stiff and feel hard). It may also make styling your hair harder for your hairdresser and they'll need extra time to make sure your hair is 100% dry. After all the work you've put into planning your hair style you certainly don't want it all coming undone because of your shampoo!

Preparation for your prom is as important as choosing the right dress. And this means having a consultation to make sure your hairstyle suits you and your dress, doing a test-run of your prom hairstyle and color, and getting your hair in tip-top shape for styling the day of your prom.

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