Lately, Miley Cyrus has been in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

Didn't she used to be a singer-slash-actress at one time? In any case, now she is known for her out-there sense of style and turbulent love life. Not a week goes by when her hair or relationship issues aren't in the papers, but hey, that's the life of a Hollywood celebrity these days. While we're not going to discuss her love life (let's leave that to Ellen DeGeneres), we can take a look at her latest hairstyles that seem to get crazier by the day! Is Miley Cyrus' hair a way of outwardly expressing her turbulence on the inside? Or does she just like to experiment? You decide!

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

In her latest look, Miley is taking her short hairdo to the extreme! Her natural dark hair is still altered to a shade of light platinum blonde, but there is plenty of root re-growth to create a striking contrast. Style-wise, she has tried to recreate a punk look by slicking the sides back with hair gel and styling the hair on the crown of the head straight up. If you like this look and have short hair, all you need to do is bust out the high-strength styling gel and mess it up! You may want to use caution if you are going to copy her outfit though—not many people can pull off a 'nude' mesh dress like the one she wore to the Met Gala… and on that note, not many people would want to, either!

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

Previous to Miley's punk 'do, she was sporting the classic faux-hican style that has become so popular with Hollywood's 'bad girls' who want to change their image from Disney princess to something more risqué. Although she has her hair platinum blonde here, Miley was also seen with her 'do dyed blue for that extra dash of attention seeking-ness. This look is a definite improvement from the more recent punk-do, but paired up with her outfits that leave nothing to the imagination, this ain't such a classy look. This is a hairstyle that looks best on someone who has an edgy sense of fashion, rather than someone who like to wear crop tops and hot pants on a daily basis. Just keep this in mind if you want to copy this particular Miley look.

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

It hasn't all been bad for her though. In fact, when she first got her hair cut off she looked quite cute. Here, Miley's platinum pixie haircut looks soft and feminine, and paired up with this black turtleneck top she pulls off a sophisticated, artsy image. The lack of black roots also helps to keep her look classy.

Miley Cyrus hairstyles

While Miley gets kudos for trying out new things with her hair, we can't help but think she is going the wrong direction with her style transformation. She's only 20 after all, and now bears a striking resemblance to Jenna Jameson (below), who is double her age.

Jenna Jameson hairstyles

Miley's been getting panned left, right and center for her new hairstyle and fashion choices, so it will be interesting to see where she goes from here. The gossipy Perez Hilton has been hinting that she will be releasing a new single soon, so what are the odds that her new sound will match her raunchier new image? Place your bets here!

To see how you'd look with any of the daring hairstyles pictured in this hair blog, click on the above images to try the virtual hairstyles with your own photo!

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