Sleek Hairstyle Tips

By Kate (

Ensure your sleek hairstyle looks great by using these hair tips.

A sleek hairstyle is a great option for lots of different events. Getting your hair sleek and keeping it that way can be a little on the tricky side, however. To help you create this great finish on your locks, try the following tips!

Sleek Hairstyle Tips

Model with sleek blonde hair Ensure your hair is well nourished. It’s easy to get and keep your hair sleek and flat if it’s in good condition. Smoother your locks in a hair treatment a few days before styling, or use an overnight treatment the night before.

Detangle your hair with a comb before styling. This will get out any knots and result in easier styling.

Wash with a shampoo and conditioner that are designed to promote sleek locks.

If your hair is already relatively straight, apply a serum to damp locks before getting out your heated styling tools.

If your hair has some curl to it, apply a serum and a straightening spray to give your locks some extra help before styling.

To get really sleek, frizz free hair, use this styling plan:

One final tip, when styling, remember to remove every ounce of moisture in your hair. If you don’t, your locks will become less sleek as the day goes on.