Hair Product Placement: Part 2

When it comes to ending up with a sassy style that knocks them dead, or a 'do that looks less than impressive, you can't go past the power of hair styling products.

The types of products used to create a hairstyle can make all the difference and ensure that your hairdo lasts all day, all night, or both!

Hair Spray


Great for creating hold, volume and body, and controlling fly-away strands.

Product Placement: Use on dry hairstyles as a finishing product to hold and maintain shape. Don't concentrate spray in one particular area or you'll end up with one stiff, artificial looking section.

Perfect For: Upstyles.

Hair Product Tip: Spray hairspray onto your hands and then run over your strands for a natural look with staying power.

Moulding Cream

Moulding cream

Allows you to twist, mould and sculpt your hair into different looks.

Product Placement: Use on dry hair for a great finish. Use on damp hair for texture.

Perfect For: Texturising, especially short hairdos.

Hair Product Tip: Styling products work best when warmed slightly with your hands before being applied to your hair.



Will combat frizz and control dryness.

Product Placement: Use throughout your hair.

Perfect For: Curly and frizzy hair.

Hair Product Tip: Don't apply too much or you'll risk overloading your hair and weighing it down.

Straightening Balm

Straightening balm

Great for straightening and adding shine.

Product Placement: Run throughout your lengths before straightening your hair with a blow-dryer or straightening iron to give you straight, smooth locks with less time and effort.

Perfect For: Straight, smooth styles.

Hair Product Tip: Use a straightening balm that also doubles as a heat protector to look after your locks when using heating tools.



Gives a firmer, stronger hold than hairspray.

Product Placement: Spray over your entire finished 'do for great hold. Spray directly into roots to create volume.

Perfect For: Upstyles. Extreme styles which require a firm hold.

Hair Product Tip: Unlike hairspray, hair lacquer also adds shine to your hair as well as hold.

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