Casual Short Crops

By Kate (

Get some new inspiration for your short hair with these casual crop styling ideas.

For some short hairstyling inspiration when it comes to creating different looks suitable for everyday wear, you just can't go past the casual crop.

Short Crop with Volume

Maggie Gyllenhaal casual Short Crop with Volume
Just because your hair is short and close to the scalp doesn't mean you have to wear your hair slicked down. Adding some volume through the root area looks great in a short crop and provides a fun finish with plenty of bounce. Use backcombing and volumizing products to get some lift in your look.


Side-Swept Short Crop

Elsa Pataky casual Side-Swept Short Crop
A crop that has a bit of length in it really benefits from some side-swept styling. Add a deep side part to your hair and then use some hair styling products to get your locks styled across your forehead and over to one side.

Flat Short Crop

Sami Gayle Casual Flat Short Crop
Another great styling option for your short crop is styling your hair full and flat so that it sits down to cover over your forehead. To ensure your hair looks stylish and not greasy or unwashed, choose styling products with a light finish and apply just enough to get your hair styled in place with a hint of texture.