Your Wedding Hairstyles Diet

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Get your hair in tip top healthy shape for your wedding day. Easy!

Ashley Judd hairstyles There are some things you can control on your wedding day, like the health of your hair. You can't control the weather, and whether your uncle gets drunk and makes a fool out of himself, and you can't control unexpected things like power failures and traffic, but you can control how healthy, shiny and vibrant your hair looks. How? Your diet is a big factor in the health of your hair. If you're getting married (guys and girls) then our Wedding Hairstyles Diet will get you on the road to healthy wedding hair and give you one less thing to worry about. Check out our advice and set your sights on one of the great wedding hairstyles featured here.

1. Be Realistic

Jessica Simpson hairstylesGetting healthy hair is a lot like getting yourself a healthy body. It's not just about having the right shampoos and conditioners, treatments and always using heat protection products; it is, but it's about much more too. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said back in the day that if you want a healthy, muscular body then you need to go to the gym, sure, but you also need to eat the right foods. It's the same for your hair: you need to brush it daily and use quality products, but if your diet consists often of junk food then you can forget about healthy hair.

You also need to plan in advance and start your Wedding Hairstyles Diet well before your big day. It's good to be in the swing of your hair diet six months before your wedding, and to be totally honest the things recommended in the diet are really lifestyle improvements— meaning you should try and implement them anyhow. Stick with your usual hair care routine too and don't neglect essential things like getting your split ends trimmed every six to eight weeks and using a deep conditioning treatment every fortnight or so (if your hair is chemically treated speak to your hairstylist about more regular conditioning treatments).

2. Make Sure You're Eating the Following...

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Your Wedding Hairstyles Diet involves eating some essential food and vitamins. Make sure you're drinking/eating plenty of the following:

3. Try These Meal Ideas

Jennifer Lopez hairstylesSticking to your Wedding Hairstyles Diet isn't too hard when you think about all the combinations of the above foods that are possible. To get you started though here are a few meal ideas. For breakfast try a bran cereal with soy milk and fresh berries; for lunch whole grain bread with turkey/chicken and salad is a good option, or a tossed salad with canned tuna and carrots and broccoli dipped in hummus on the side; and for dinner tasty favorites are roast beef or grilled fish with brown rice, mashed sweet potatoes and steamed greens.

4. And don't Forget...!

Exercise, and plenty of it, because it gets your blood pumping to your scalp. Also, choose less processed food where possible and avoid smoking and drinking.

Healthy hair is something you can control, and with the right diet (as well as a good daily hair care routine) you can get your hair in tip top shape for your wedding day. Healthy hair will make your fabulous wedding hairstyles look even better.