The Latest Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes

Let’s check out some hairstyles for round faces to give you some ideas!

If you have a round face, you’ll typically have a smooth outline to your face with minimal angles and lines. The cheek area will be full, and the forehead area will typically be shorter than average. What does this all mean for your hair? It means that certain styles will work better for your face shape than others, so take note!

The main thing you want to avoid are cuts that end at jaw or cheek level—either go super short or let it grow at least to shoulder length. Long hair looks great on circles too, as long as there are layers cut in throughout. When it comes to bangs, side swept ones work best but there are some straight across fringes that work well too.

Now that you know the basics, let’s check out some of the newest hairstyles for round faces to give you some ideas!

Kaley Cuoco Short Straight Hairstyle for Round Face Shapes.

If you’re a fan of short hair, Kaley Cuoco’s hairstyle is just right for your round face shape. The long side swept fringe in the front and the tapered sides and back flatter this face shape perfectly, while adding a nice slimming effect and balancing out any excess width in the face. This haircut has a lot of texture as well, which is a great feature for round faces to incorporate into their ‘dos—blunt haircuts with little to no layering typically don’t work that well. Another stand out feature of this haircut is the colour. Using highlights and lowlights to create dimension in the hair is a must for this face shape too!


Justine Lupe Long Straight Hairstyle for Round Face Shapes.

Here, Justine Lupe demonstrates the ideal way for round faces to wear long hair. Her part is off centre (dead-centre parts are usually a no-no for round faces) and the hair has been heavily layered around the jawline all the way down to the ends. The hair has been blow-dried straight and sleek, which gives a nice sculpted look to a round face. Justine’s colour looks fabulous here too as well, with a light buttery blonde base and sun-kissed highlights that add dimension and shine.


Suzanne Somers Medium Straight Hairstyle for Round Face Shapes.

For all the ladies who love bangs and have a round face shape, this hairdo by Suzanne Somers may be for you! Suzanne is working the shag to perfection here, which flatters her round face shape and gives her a youthful, fun look! Round face shapes will benefit from this heavily layered ‘do that creates a sculpted effect around the face, camouflaging extra width and giving it a more oval shape overall. This hairstyle will also look great when it’s pulled back into a ponytail or bun, with the bangs providing some coverage on the face and framing the eyes.


Kelly Osbourne Short Straight Hairstyle for Round Face Shapes.

For a more extreme look, check out Kelly Osbourne’s windblown fauxhawk. This hairstyle may be a bit too edgy for most people, but the general idea of creating a ton of volume on top and keeping the sides short and sleek is essential for round faces. Keep in mind you don’t need to shave the sides off! Simple hairstyles like slicked back ponytails with a bubble or bouffant on the top are a great way to wear the hair back. Or, try a short hairstyle with tapered sides and lots of volume at the crown.

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