Hair Straightener Tips for Salon Straight Hair at Home

By Kate (

Find out how to use your hair straightener to get salon straight hair - every time!

When it comes to a polished, sleek, and shiny look, perfectly straight hair is the hairstyle to have.

Long brown straight hair

Anyone who has seen a celebrity strutting straight locks on the red carpet, or had their hair straightened after a cut and color at the salon, knows how great this style can look - and how hard it can be to replicate at home.

But the truth is that salon straight hair is a look that anyone can achieve. All you need to know are some handy hair care rules and tips for using your hair straightener!


Prepare Your Hair

Before you heat up your hair straightener make sure you’ve got the following:


Straightening Your Hair

These hair tips will have your locks poker straight in no time!


After Straightening Care

Keep your hairstyle straight with these simple hair tips.

As you can see, with the right hair shaping tools, hair styling products and some hair straightening technique know-how, giving yourself a salon straight hairstyle at home is easy!

Give these tips and try today, and check out our range of straight hairstyles for some inspiration.