Highlights for Long Hair

If you're looking for some highlight options for your long hair then these suggestions are for you!

Highlights are a fantastic way to inject hair color, either subtly or with maximum impact, into your look and are especially great for long hair as the length will really allow you to have some hair color fun!

Hair Color Enhancing Highlights
Brown hair with blonde highlightsDark brown hair with light brown highlights

A classic highlight look involves adding thin, subtle highlights to your hair in a color that is complimentary to your base hair color. This enhances the overall look of your color and can give you a lighter hair color without drastically changing your shade (pictured right), or a finish full of movement, depth and texture (left).

Peek-a-boo Highlights
Dark hair with pink highlightsBlonde hair with pink highlights

The great thing about teaming highlights with long hair is that you can add highlights in the underneath sections of your hair, or throughout your long lengths, and end up with a fun, colorful look that comes out to play depending on how you style your hair. We love the look of the bright pink highlights hidden amongst the black hair color (right), and the blonde hair tinged with trendy light pink highlights.

Two-Tone Highlights
Blonde hair with brown highlightsRed hair with blonde highlights

When you want a color change that's subtle but has impact then combining thick and thin highlights in various complimentary and/or contrasting shades to your base color is a real winning look. The blonde hair mixed with brown highlights contrasts perfectly (left), while the red hair gets a great boost with copper blonde highlights through the mid-lengths.

Attention Grabbing Highlights
Dark hair with red and purple highlightsBrown curly hair with white highlights

For those who really want to put highlights to good use then trying your hand at highlights that grab attention is one way to go. Highlights in all different thickness, all different colors and in different places throughout your locks can really create some stunning hairstyles, as these two great examples show.

Which highlights would you love to try out? Let us know by leaving a comment below!