Whether you have naturally straight hair and want it curly, or wavy hair that needs a bit more kink, there is bound to be a device that will help you achieve the look you want and by using TheHairStyler.com's glossary on the most popular hair shapers you'll be an expert in no time.

Making the most of your hair has never been easier and with the wide range of hair shaping tools available today, you can pretty much create any hairstyle you wish.


Description: a blow-dryer is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your hair dry in a hurry and uses a motor to blow heated air into your hair.

Uses: blow-driers are mostly used to take the moisture out of wet hair but can also be used to make your hair straight, curly or add a wave by simply using different heat settings, attachments and your hair brush.

Great for: all hair types.


  • To get a professional result, blow-dry working from the roots down and finish with a blast of cool air to boost shine and control fly-away hair
  • Blow-drying up the hair shaft will cause the hair to frizz
  • Tip your head upside down and blow-dry down the hair shaft to add volume

Hair Straightener

Description: a hair straightener is a tong-like device that has two heated plates which are run down the hair shaft to straighten hair strands temporarily.

Uses: hair straighteners will flatten hair like no other tool can and now even come in wet-to-dry versions which eliminate the need to blow-dry wet hair before styling. A straightener can also be used to add curl to hair (get a professional to show you how) and is the best way to add the flicks in flicked out hairstyles.

Great for: all hair types.


  • Use a slim line straightener when trying to add curls or flicks
  • Apply deep conditioning treatments to your hair if you regularly straighten to balance any damage that may be caused by the heat
  • Work in small sections to get a smoother finish and start from the under layers of your hair

Curling Iron

Description: a round shaped implement that uses heat and its shape to temporarily change the structure of hair.

Uses: curling irons are used to add curl to the hair and come in different sizes to create different kinds of curls.

Great for: all hair types.


  • A skinny curling iron will give you tight, small curls
  • A thick iron will produce large, bouncy curls
  • A triple-barrel iron will give hair waves

Hot Rollers

Description: are usually round in shape and come in different sizes. Hot rollers heat up and are applied to the hair and then left to cool down - leaving a curl behind.

Uses: hot rollers are mainly used to add curl, but unlike a curling iron, are clipped into the hair while they work which leaves your hands free to do other things. Hot rollers are especially good for styling the entire head and adding body.

Great for: all hair types.


  • Use different sizes to create different curls
  • Try to use rollers on hair that has been washed the night before to get a better curl and longer hold

Hair Brush

Description: brushes are usually made of different kinds of bristles and come is all shapes, sizes and varieties.

Uses: a hair brush is used to detangle hair and is also a great styling aid.

Great for: all hair types.


  • Clean your hair brush every fortnight with a little warm water and shampoo to remove dirt and styling product residue.
  • A round brush is great for curly or wavy hair.
  • Use a flat paddle brush for everyday styling.
  • Do not brush wet hair- use a comb instead and detangle gently, working from the ends up.
  • Using a brush with round plastic balls on the end of the bristles will help to avoid breaking the hair strands and will not scratch the scalp.


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