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4 Reasons Why Virtual Hair Styles Rule

We look at why trying a virtual hair style could be the best thing you ever do for your hair.

Haircuts for Fine Hair

Find out which haircuts can add volume to your locks and other simple hair tips for fine hair.

Hair Stylist Tips: Bangs

Find out what bangs will suit your hair type, how to style your bangs, and more great bangs hairstyle tips direct from our hair stylists!

Hair Stylist Tips: Hair Color

We give you the inside info about hair color with these great hair stylist tips!

Hair Stylist Tips: Hair Brushes

We let you in on some of the best tips for one of the most valuable hair styling tools: the hair brush.

Hair Color Myths

Transforming your look with hair color can be the best thing you've ever done, or the worst!

Top 5 Hair Product Myths

With the amount of hair product information available today it sometimes becomes very hard to work out what's true and what's a complete myth.

Hair Care Advice: 5 Ways to Fight Frizz

Give yourself the power to fight frizzy hair with these 5 easy ways.

Do You Think Your Salon Hair Looks Ridiculous?

Share your salon experiences with and tell us, do you think your salon hair often ends up looking ridiculous too?

Neo Regency Men's Hairstyles keeps you up to date on all the men's hair trends. Check out the latest short hair trend for men: Neo Regency hair.

Hair Cut Rut or Styling Comfort?

Katie ponders if sticking to only two different hairstyle changes is being smart or keeping her stuck in a hair rut...

Braided Hair Isn't Just for Hippies

Braids are a very popular hairstyle trend right now. Check out these examples of braided hairstyles and see what you think.

Home Hair Color Tips

These tips and tricks will help you color your hair from home. Post your own advice and questions in the comments below.

How to Have a Helpful Hair Appointment

Find out exactly what you need to do to get the absolute most out of your hair appointment.

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