Harbourside, Circular Quay in Sydney was the backdrop for Rosemount Australian Fashion Week's Spring Summer 2007/08 Collections, and thanks to KMS California, TheHairStyler.com was lucky enough to get a first look at some of the hairstyles by two very famous Australian hairstylists', Brad Ngata and Joh Bailey.

Joh Bailey was chosen for the Alex Perry show and did a wonderful job for the designing icon. Brad Ngata was there for quite a few of the shows and his team was picked to make wonderful creations for Azzollini, Jessie Hill, Something Else and the wonderful Ksubi.

The upcoming spring/summer collection shows featured a huge range of hairstyles and there was definitely something for everybody. Simple girly styles were huge and versatile enough for a casual 'do or a big night out. There was also lots of texture, height and old classics in the collections, proving that even the real oldies come back in.

Alex Perry

Joh Bailey for Goldwell

Joh Bailey for Goldwell was the head of the creative team for the Alex Perry Show. His soft and simple creations gave the models a soft and feminine style while still showing off the gowns to their full advantage.

Hairstyle Prediction: Joh's upcoming fashion predictions are for smooth yet girly styles which are simple enough for every day and every event.

Above picture - Every strand counts. Joh is directing his stylist to perfect the look for the show.

Alex Perry

Miranda Kerr hairstyles

Here is famous Australian model, Miranda Kerr having her hair styled for the Alex Perry catwalk.

Alex Perry

High ponytail

Here is Miranda ready for the runway. The high ponytail of her style is full of energy with bouncy curls at the ends of the lengths. The hair is pulled off the face, which gives a clear view of Miranda's stunning facial features and brightly styled make-up.

Alex Perry

Alex Perry high ponytail

The hair is smoothed back tightly to the crown area and the hair is 100 percent off the face and out of the way.

Alex Perry

Smooth ponytail

The smoothed hair falling from the ponytail looks glamorous with the soft bouncy ends.

Alex Perry

Ponytail with bouncy curls

Joh gives us an example of the versatility of the simple ponytail by adding bouncy curls to the ends of the lengths.

Alex Perry

Casual ponytail

Smoothed out ends make a big change to the over all look, giving this hairstyle a more casual look.


Azzollini hairstyles

Brad Ngata worked with KMS California to style the runway beauties for the Azzollini show. Brad's direction for the Azzollini line was sharp and blunt with head turning tones.

Above picture - Michael Azzollini gives Brad Ngata a high 5! It seems as if he is over the moon with the look that Brad has created. The short blunt cut bob is a classic but has proven to have the power to keep coming back.


Model using KMS products

The crew of Brad Ngata get ready to suit their model up for the show as she takes a peek at what the stylist is using in her hair, the wonderful KMS California MoistRepair.


Bob cuts

Very impressive. Brad Ngata comes up with a bob cut to suit the different face shapes of the runway girls. The bobs all have the same features - sharp ends and solid bangs.


Pink bob hairstyle

Pastel pink gives this model a soft tone to her sharp cut. The form lines of this haircut seem to be on a slight angle, giving the style a jazzy edge.

Jessie Hill

Brad Ngata styling a models hair

Brad Ngata and his team created a very sexy style for the Jessie Hill show. A simple look with a twist was the inspired look for the collection. Once again, in this range, Brad exercised the smoothed back look with a totally different style.

Above picture - Brad Ngata acts quickly to get the hairstyle ready for the show with his team by his side to help out.

Jessie Hill

Twisted hairstyle

The twists at the top of the head continues the bold look from the smoothed-back sides.

Jessie Hill

Applying hairspray to ponytail

The team carefully create a collection of hairstyles that are all very similar, giving the range a certain look. The stylist is using hairspray from KMS California's HairStay range to keep the style looking great.

Jessie Hill

Twist top hairstyle

The make-up is done and this stylist is adding the final touches to the hair to prepare it for the show. The hair has lots of shine so that the look will stand out on the catwalk.

Jessie Hill

Runway models

The final lap. The girls have very similar styles with their own individual finish to the hairstyle.

Jessie Hill

Eye catching hairstyle

The twist of this style creates lots of movement and adds texture to the hair color.

Jessie Hill

Twisted hairstyle

A large twist at the top of the head gives this style an eye catching finish.


Alternative hairstyle

Brad Ngata definitely worked hard to pick out very individual hairstyles for the Ksubi collection, helping to keep Ksubi's stand-out-from-the-crowd image.

Above picture - The Brad Ngata team creates a very different hairstyle for the Ksubi range. The KMS California HairStay Hairspray was on hand to help secure the 'do into place.


Plaited hairstyle

The style turned out great for the catwalk. The stylist used extensions to gain more thickness and length through the hairstyle.


Model getting haircut

Brad Ngata cuts one of the Ksubi model's hair to get the perfect look for the show. Adding his personal touch will help to create an over all "Brad Ngata" look for the style.


Textured men's hairstyle

The end result shows lots of texture in the hairstyle with the natural form giving the hairstyle the perfect look.

Something Else

Brad Ngata styling models hair

The name says it all with this collection. Brad Ngata and his talented team were able to create hairstyles that were just right for the clothing designs of Something Else.

Above picture - Here is stylist Wayne Chappell of Sfumato Hair in Tasmania perfecting this sharp bob for the runway. For this style, chipping into the ends gives a good end result.

Something Else

Eye catching bob hairstyle

An eye catching finish!

Something Else

Out there hairstyle

Brad creates a very out there style that looks fantastic for this particular range.

Something Else

Textured hairstyle

A different angle shows different texture with this style. This hairdo proves to be adventurous and daring.

Something Else

Hairstyle with headpiece

There is a lot of texture running through the ends with a very flat top half with this hairstyle. Head pieces look to be on the way back in.

Something Else

Bonnet inspired hairstyle

This is a great alternative hairstyle where they have made a bonnet like look out of hair.

Something Else

Height filled hairstyle

Height at the top created by shorter pieces is still in this season, but there is a slight change with lots of thickness running through the top as well as the bottom.

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