blogs like to keep you up to date about what's happening in the world of hairstyles, fashion and celebrity. Lady GaGa is massively popular at the moment, but that doesn't mean everybody likes her...

I’m sorry but I can’t hold it in any longer. And some of you are going to hate me for it; you’ll probably even write irate comments at the bottom of this blog post. But I have to do it, and I’m prepared to suffer the consequences. She’s massively popular, and that’s why you’ll probably hate me when I say this: Give me a break Lady GaGa you bore me to tears.

Lady GaGa hairstyles

I know, I know: she sings pretty good songs. “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” are massive, and I don’t really mind them. Neither do most people, which seems to be the case since “Poker Face” apparently reached number 1 in nearly 20 countries. I guess a lot of people out there like her so-called glam-rock sound... and her fetish for appearing in her granny-pants underwear.

That, however, is exactly what annoys me so much about her: the underwear. And her outfits, and her pop-culture philosophy she spouts, and of course her hair. Everything about Lady GaGa is so manufactured and self-conscious and fake. Wearing no pants is not shocking and the most eye-catching hairstyle isn’t necessarily platinum with blunt bangs. And you’re not Andy Warhol either so stop making those short films. And I don’t care either if you can have an orgasm just by thinking about sex.

Lady GaGa is a dancing puppet operated by boardroom executives. They all got together over their lattes and pieced her together. “We’ll make her sound glam rock, like the 80s” they probably said. “We’ll get her to talk about orgasms; we’ll make her all ‘postmodern’; we’ll take her pants off; she’ll sing songs about being wasted- but songs that are catchy and pop-sounding.” Every dimension of Lady GaGa is a cliché with rounded edges for our easy consumption.

In a nutshell I guess I’m frustrated with Lady GaGa because she seems completely unoriginal. But people out there like her, and so perhaps the problem is with me. Perhaps I shouldn’t evaluate musicians or actors or whatever according to so-called benchmarks of originality; instead I should just listen and watch and, instinctively, either simply “enjoy” or “dislike.”

Ok I’ll try..........

Can’t do it. I keep thinking about those granny-pants and that corny hairstyle.

  • 0 Michael
    Dude, Lady Gaga is awesome! Not only does she sing, but she plays and writes her own lyrics and music, and also for other artists like Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, and NKOTB. How many artists can do that? Lady GaGa is manufactured? Are u kidding??? She couldn't find a label, no-one wanted her. She's totally original, well a fusion of glam rock-pop-europop, but still original! Her attitude to the labels was, if you don't like me, screw you. That's the sign of a real artist! As for her hairstyles...well...that's another story...
  • 0 Jose
    Is it true she is a man?
  • 0 Michael
    Could be, can you see it?
  • 2 Cee
    Haha.. Nice blog.. But as much as she gets on my nerves sometimes, she does have catchy tunes and at leasts writes her own sh*t ;) Lol @ Jose.
  • 4 Roger
    I agree. It's cool she writes her own tunes and stuff and she certainly seems talented... but I just think she's always trying too hard to get attention. That's what I mean by the boardroom exec thing: not so much that she's literally the product of some elaborate marketing campaign, but that she might as well be because everything about her is so contrived and staged. That's the point I was tryiung to make 'cos I think all the showy media antics of hers get in the way of her music, which is probably pretty good in itself.
  • 0 Sui Zhen
    I like Lady GAga she is a little crazy but that is funny and cool.
  • 0 Summer
    i dont know about the other stuff i do liek some of her songs but her hair and make up are awful she doznt look like a lady she looks like a prostitute!
  • 0 Itslove26
    ill agree with the outrageous styles. they're ridiculous but i guess thts wat makes her unique???
  • 0 Itslove26
    But shes good wen it comes to most of her music.
  • 0 Nicole
    she has issues
  • 0 Olivia
    she's okay, but what whats up the wigs?? that cant be her real hair and why does she insist on going around in 2 foot high shoulder pads and granny panties?
  • 0 Venessa
    okay everyone has their fashion trends and if hers is heals with swimsuits from the 80's and shoulder pads with intense hair so be it... To tell you the truth I was soo GAGA over Lady that I actually tried the platnum with the blunt bangs... I also did the hair as an acces thing... I could promise It would never happen again but I actually loved the attention as well... Ive always been know as attention needy Im sorry but thats who I am... No one bugs me about it... either they like it or they dont.... Lady GaGa Is not fake or man by any strech of the means.... She's just trying to make it like everyone else has... Only shes doing so in a different sence....
  • 0 Brianna
    Look She Isnt Copeing n e 1 style??? she write most of her songs i fnk (LOL) Shes creative with how she looks and defintley her video's????? she always suprises us with her fashion she could walk owt wif nothing but a bra and undies and we would b shocked but every 1 would knw that is lady gaga being her self shes just being her self no one would walk owt half naked but her so i reakon shes pretty kewl (shez just 2 horney)
  • 0 Angela
    I hate her music.I hate her videos.I hate her style.I hate how radio and TV stations play her music(if you want to call it that)over and over again.Underneath all the makeup,hair and stupid clothes is a nerdy little girl with a big nose,that was made fun of all her life, by her peers, for trying to pretend like shes something other than a nerdy,big-nosed poser.

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