responds to the Robert Pattinson craze at the moment and asks you: is he really that hot?

We're a diplomatic bunch here at We don't just lap up fads without pausing between mouthfulls to think- even if it's just for a second. The media world lately has been getting drunk on images of Robert Pattinson. A certain celebrity gossip website seems down-right obsessed with the guy. Others are going mental over him too. There's even a doco about to come out called Robsession or something like that. Or maybe that's an aftershave. In any case, Rob's everywhere at the moment, and being the critical hair resource that we are it's my duty to ask our audience (you): do you really think Robert Pattinson is that hot?


Robert Pattinson hairstyles

Robert Pattinson hairstyles

Robert Pattinson hairstyles

Google displays 15,200,000 websites for the keyword "Robert Pattinson," proving he's big business at the moment. That's pretty good considering "Madonna" gets 70,800,000 sites. At only 23 years-old he's already hugely well known the world over mainly for his role as Edward in Twilight. Rob was born in the UK, and like a lot of celebrities he had a little bit of a helping hand back in the day thanks to his mum working for a modelling agency. An Englishman through and through, he's done some theatre, probably some pantomime too, and apparently he composes his own music.

People magazine named him one of the sexiest men alive last year. I'm sure some other pulp media has claimed a similar accolade on his behalf since. But do you really think it's true, or just media hype? I mean, what's so sexy about Robert Pattinson's hair anyhow? It's commonly said that his messy bed-head gives off a sexy and carefree vibe, kind of like tousled hair on women. But to me he looks a bit seedy. I can't help but imagine that, complementing his sexy "just got out of bed hair" is just got out of bed breath.

I don't think he's that hot. To me he just looks like an easy going guy who doesn't really give a s##t. Is it that, as a male myself I can't judge another guy's sexiness. Help me get to the bottom of this: is Robert Pattinson really that hot?

  • 1 Vicky
    I think he is "really that hot" as they all say he is. And yeah, its true that the media have a few bucketfuls of stories about him, along with pictures. But when you commented on his "just got out of bed hair", i think thats unfair, since in the modern day world, we often find oursleves critisizing fake, posing "people" such as those who wear over-done make up and have had plastic surgery *cough*katieprice*cough*. But credits to Robert Pattinson, dear of him, because he's the furthest thing from a fake, he's original and classy. That's why we love him. Another thing we don't usually see in famous people these days is personality - as in, you don't see many down-to-earth famous people hardly ever. This is another thing i think Rob shines with; his personality and down-to-earth-ness. I really think we ought to be giving Rob a break, rather than questioning his hotness - which, lets face it, doesnt matter one bit. Even though he is a bit of a fittie. ;) xo. <3
  • 4 Roger
    Hi Vicky, Thanks for your thoughts. You make a good point about the importance and attractiveness of being down-to-earth and genuine. Roger
  • 0 Kaz
    I think he's hot and seems genuine as well which as pointed out is rare with stars these days.
  • 0 Kandy
    I agree with Vicky and Kaz both! Stars these days are all about glitz and glam! Then you have as stated already, stars like Robert, whom are down to earth-laid back- and as you stated, just don't give a s**t. I think that is part of his sex appeal. I am not a teen with a new teenage crush on the newest star. I am older woman with a teenage son. Stars like Robert, are the type of stars whom should be the ones the young girls are attracted too in my opinion! Among many others I could list here! Example: Matthew McConaughey, or Dierks Bentley. They are both down to earth and don't care what they have on or what their hair looks like. They tend not to care what the latest fashions are......

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