Miles Teller Short Wavy Formal Hairstyle

Added: 18th March 2015
This glossy mane is cropped short through the sides and back leaving the top long enough to show off the waves that gives this look plenty of shape and movement. This is a perfect hairstyle for any occasion and is easy to maintain with regular trims.




1 . Style Hair Down at the Back Using Gel-wax

Apply some gel-wax to your fingertips then pull through the ends of your hair in a downward motion to achieve a semi-wet, textured result.

2 . Style Sides Behind Ear Using Gel-wax

Apply a small amount of gel-wax to your fingertips, then place it at the roots above your ear and drag it through as you pull your hair behind your ear. This will create a fresh, semi-wet result.

3 . Lift Roots Using Gel-wax

Apply some gel-wax to your fingertips and then rub it gently into your roots while lifting your strands. Using gel-wax in this manner will add shine and texture.