Nick Lachey Short Wavy Casual Hairstyle

Added: 1st September 2009
This is a gorgeous look. Nick's hair has been angle cut on his back and sides to create a messy and wispy design. His top section has been razor cut and thinned to achieve a tousled effect. This winning style is easy to look after and will keep looking smart with regular trims.




1 . Apply Gel Spray

Evenly mist gel spray around the top and sides to create a soft hold style. Gel spray will hold well and will not look wet or weigh the hair down.

2 . Style Bangs Straight Up Using Gel-wax

Apply a small amount of gel-wax to your fingers, then starting at your roots, apply the gel-wax as you drag your hair in an upwards motion. Gel-wax will provide shine and soft hold. For maximum hold, gel is recommended.

3 . Spike Top Using Gel-wax

Apply gel-wax to your fingertips, then grab a small section of hair and rub the gel-wax into your hair before twisting and pulling your strands upwards. For longer lasting spikes we recommend using strong hold gel.