Don Stephenson Short Wavy Casual Hairstyle

Added: 12th August 2011
This is a short and casual look perfect for those with naturally wavy hair looking for a style with height and shape. The layers cut all over are left long enough to be swept back with a little product for hold and shine. This look is easy to maintain with regular trims.




1 . Smooth the Top Back Using Moulding Cream

Apply moulding cream to the palms of your hands and then starting at the front hairline, drag your hands back over your head, smoothing as you go. Be sure to choose your desired result first go as moulding cream's holding properties make it hard to re-arrange the look of this hairstyle.

2 . Style Sides Behind Ear Using Moulding Cream

Apply a small amount of moulding cream to your fingertips, then place it at the roots above your ear and drag it through as you pull your hair behind your ear.